About us

Jago Foundation was registered in September 1997, in Giridih district by a team of young social activists from different streams and professions with a passion to bring social reform and empower disadvantaged sections of society.

The team drew inspiration from Gandhian principles of development. All founding members have had prior experience in the sector with similar development organisations in other parts of the state of Jharkhand. The deteriorating socio-economic conditions of Giridih district due to negligence by political setup and uprising of left-wing extremist activities led the young social activists to join together constituting ‘Jago Foundation’.

Over the years, based on the experiential learning, emerging needs and availability of resources, the organization started working in the neighbouring districts of Giridih. Since our registration in 1997, we have grown to now work with 25,000+ children, women, families, communities and marginalized groups in 98+ villages in four districts of Jharkhand. Jago Foundation currently operates in four districts of Jharkhand where predominantly the Dalit and tribal communities reside, with plans to expand to more districts in the state as we stabilise.


To shape an equitable society through the education and upliftment of marginalised communities.


Our mission is to liberate the children of rural Jharkhand from exploitation and enable them to receive an education that acts as a passport to a better future for themselves and their communities. We also strive to provide young people of the community with the skills and attitudes needed to find livelihoods and lead better lives.


We mobilize the community, especially the women, to understand the importance of schooling, especially for girls. Mothers are trained to teach and then recruited in government schools. We liaise with government authorities for access to the education system and entitlements. A wide range of programmes such as health care and livelihood development are being fostered by us, to improve living conditions.

Over time, we wish to become a community development organisation with a focus on the most disadvantaged members of society, such as people affected by leprosy.